RF Ranging Base Now Available for Pre-Order

Our latest product, the RF Ranging Base (RFRB) is now available for pre-order. The RFRB allows you to measure the distance to a few centimeters in direct line of sight environments, and a few tens of centimeters in non-line of sight setups. The RFRB is also the worlds first RF ranging system that allows millimeter-resolution tracking of a node. Thus, the RFRB can not just tell how far a second node is away, it can even tell if the node moved a few millimeters away or closer.

We currently offer the RFRB in two packages, a set of two nodes (RFRB0413-KIT-2) that allows ranging and tracking between the two nodes, and a larger kit of 4 nodes (RFRB0413-KIT-4) allowing to range between the 4 nodes and thus setup a full 3D ranging system.